The Mega Update


Starting with the Mega Slime, these boss-like enemies are now spawnable in levels. 


Mega Slime:

  • Has a mana ring which spins around it, which damages the player if it touches it
  • Can take 2 hits before dying, dropping any item available in the game
  • Hitting the slime itself will cause one damage, and no damage to the player
  • If you're within range of the slime, it will spawn mana bombs that will chase after you and drain you of 20 mana if they hit you, every 4 seconds

Minor Changes:

  • Added brick particles when you destroy a block beneath you
  • Changed particle collisions so they don't collide with the player/enemies
  • Increased the max money increase from 25 → 50

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed enemy generation so that all enemy spawn points have a chance to spawn an enemy, instead of only in rooms on the intended route

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Dec 19, 2019

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